Events and Taster Sessions 2018

2018 Events

Here at Todmorden Angling Association our aim is to get more people into fishing and we especially want get more children off their Xbox's, on to seat boxes and out in the fresh air enjoying the wonderful countryside.

During 2018 we will be running 5 family fishing days, throughout the spring and summer one of the clubs waters, to give anyone a chance to try fishing no matter of age, experience or abilities.  They were very successful days last year and will run from 10am till 3pm on the dates listed below. We are also running a club open day on May 6th on Town House, one of the clubs premier waters, we will have fishing demos from some of the clubs elite anglers we have the Ribble Rivers Trust on site they will be doing some classic net dipping finding out what wonderful creatures live under the surface, they will also have the microscopes on site to show you what the creatures look like close up and will be doing talks and explaining what everything is and what they will turn into eventually, also of course our coaches will be on hand with all the bait and tackle to give anyone a go that fancies the chance to fish.

All sessions are free to attend and all bait and tackle are provided.

There are a number of qualified, insured and experienced coaches on hand to help coach the participants.

You can book on any of the future dates or request any info on future events, just contact any of our coaches or email

The primary venue is Ramsden Wood Lodge, Ramsden Wood Road, Walsden, Ol14 7UD. (this is subject to change)

If you can’t make any of the sessions or would prefer a more specialised session please contact any of the coaches, they will be willing to help or give you contact details of other coaches based in different areas with different expertise whether it be coarse, game or sea angling.


Family Fishing Days

Sunday 22nd April
Sunday 6th May Club open day Townhouse
Sunday 27th May
Sunday 8th July
Sunday 22nd July
Sunday 26th August

Location will be on Ramsden Wood (subject to change), location and details can be found here

Family Open Day – Townhouse – 6th May

A new venue for our newbie anglers today, we set to work on Lower Townhouse Lodge, one of the societies premier venues our coaches, Kevan Hollick, Phil Lucas, Stephen Svejnoha and Nick Noble arrived to set up at 8am with the sun already out but the temperature a mild 9 degrees but Michael Fish and his mates had threatened that 20 degree heat was coming.
Again our brigade of coaches were aided by Neil Brierley and Phil Kitchener so our team set work to get our stations set up ready for the first of the arrivals.
9:50 ticked by and two familiar faces came thru the gate and set to work on pegs 1 and 2, immediately fish were banked and we knew we were in for a good day.
By 10:15 it turned out that Michael Fish was right the temperatures were rising rapidly and our coaches were in the thick of it with budding anglers appearing from everywhere and as we hit 10:30 we were at full capacity with every peg full and everyone catching fish.
Slowly and steadily the hours ticked by with the anglers refusing to take breaks to visit the Ribble Rivers Trust marquee for an insight in to what lives in the lake besides the fish. Along with Neil and Steve for the Ribble Rivers Trust we also had assistance from Steve Hall and Paul Wilkinson who were targeting specific species to show the newbies what else the lake had to offer.
By 1:30 the sun was at its peak and the factor 50 was earning its keep trying to keep the sun burn at bay and by 2pm most of our participants had had enough and were desperate to find the shade so most of them called it a day.
In total we had around 30 attendees young and old with every one of them catching fish and enjoying themselves.
Overall - an absolutely fantastic day was had by all.
A big thank you goes to Steve Hall and Paul Wilkinson for fishing for the bigger lumps and showing the newbies how it’s done. Also to Stuart and Geoff at Rochdale Angling for providing the bait for the session, again to Neil Brierley and Phil Kitchener for their assistance and finally to Neil and Ste from Ribble Rivers Trust for their entomology display.
The next family day is 27th May back at Ramsden Wood so we will see you all there.
Tight Lines and Wet Nets


Open Day Pictures

Todmorden Angling Society – Family Day 22/04/18 – Ramsden Wood

An early start for our coaches that were eager to make a success of the first Family Day of the year. Expectations were high after the stocking, 19/04, saw a huge mixed bag of fish introduced to the water.
Our coaches Steve Svejnoha, Kev Hollick, Phil Lucas and Nick Noble were met by two new volunteers as they arrived, two members of TAS Neil Brierley and Phil Kitchener had heard about the work TAS are doing and had very kindly offered their services. 10 fishing stations were set by our merry band of angling advisors basking in the sunshine waiting for the first of our guests to arrive.
9:45 ticked by and the first of the next generation arrived and unfortunately the heavy rain followed shortly after. From then until 2pm we had a steady drip feed of newbies arrive with a tremendous age range of 2 years to 80 years. The weather remained unsettled and unfortunately so did the fishing with our 6 ‘coaches’ adjusting and assisting wherever they could having figured out the fish were being a bit finicky and adjusting depth by 1/8th of an inch being the difference between bites and no bites.
Ramsden Wood peaked at 15 anglers around 1pm and the coaches were left stumped as they figured out where we could shoe horn in the latest of the arrivals.
Despite the ever changing weather and the hook shy fish our new Anglers managed fish after fish with everything from 1” Gudgeon to 10oz Golden Orfe to 2lb Ide being caught. Ramsden Wood certainly wasn’t on its best form but our next generation of anglers persevered and were all rewarded with capture of some fantastic fish.
Out of our 15 participants today everyone quickly got to grips with what we they were shown and they all favoured our ‘there’s you kit crack on’ method and there were 3 or 4 in particular that took to it very well and immediately showed a natural understanding.
A thanks goes to Stuart and Geoff at Rochdale Angling for their donation of bait for today’s session, without bait these newbies wouldn’t catch.

Family Fish Day Pictures