Canal Committee roles/responsibilities

Canal Committee

It was decided by the Committee to create the Canal Committee, who’s responsible for all matters relating to the canal including initial reports of sections which are short of water or drained. First and foremost if anyone sees or has a problem with anything relating to the canal they should contact a member of the canal committee...
Adam Jagger (secretary) 07964 992136
Frank Szakaley 07769 905319
Tony Price 07956 156284
Rowan Priestley 07881 024275
Keith Deacon 079033 016661

Canal Committee-duties and responsibilities

1. The canal Committee will be voted into office at each A.G.M. by a majority of the members present.

2. Their main responsibilities are to ensure that fishing on the canal is maintained and improved through good fishery management. Regular checking of P.H. levels (especially around Summit West) is important to ensure fish mortalities do not occur.

3. The Canal Committee will be responsible for dealing with day to day fishery related problems/issues on the Rochdale Canal -and sorting them out to ensure the best outcome for T.A.S.

4. The Canal Committee will report briefly to each monthly committee meeting on all matters which have arisen and are being dealt with.

All ‘main events’e.g. fish movements/stockings/draining must be posted on our website and main committee informed.

A member of the Canal Committee will also produce a report of all major successes/failures to each A.G.M.

5. The Canal Committee will deal with the C.R.T. Waterways Manager and Fishery Manager and ensure the good relationship between T.A.S. and C.R.T is maintained and improved. Attendance at the C.R.T’s Canal Forum meetings is desirable.

6. The Canal Committee will deal with all enquiries regarding drain downs; C.R.T. maintenance/renewal works and fish movements to facilitate these works. Minimising drain downs and fish movements to do works must be a priority i.e. CRT to start using stop planks/coffer dams in lieu of draining sections. If sections do have to be drained to do work ALL works needing doing should be done at the same time.

7. The Canal Committee will liaise with The Canal & River Trust to ensure far bank reeds/bushes/trees are restored as soon as possible.

8. The Canal Committee will arrange/run as many open matches on the canal as possible to raise funds to offset the rent paid by TAS for the canal. The charge of £3/peg may need to be reviewed from time to time.

These matches must be organised in advance and with the full knowledge of the T.A.S. membership -since pleasure anglers need to avoid match lengths if possible. Match not on member’s ticket? Then pleasure anglers must be ‘pegged round’

9. The Canal Committee will be responsible for applying for grants where necessary to pay for fish to restock sections of the canal which are short of fish. They may also beg fish stocks from C.R.T. which may be brought from other canals (surplus fish stocks owing to drain downs elsewhere.) Members/helpers of the canal committee will feed fish stocked into sections of the canal where insufficient food exists i.e. where overstocking has been effected.

10. The Canal Committee do not have a T.A.S. budget -any finance must be requested at the appropriate Committee meeting and agreed by all present.

11. The canal lease remains the sole responsibility of the Secretary/Treasurer of T.A.S.