Membership & Day Tickets

TAS Members can fish in all our waters and take part in our competitions and other events. Find out more about memberships and pricing here.

TAS membership is for a calendar year and is valid from 1st January until 31st December each year. No fishing on any of our waters after January 1st unless you have paid that year's subs.

Memberships are sold on a season by season basis, with seasons starting and finishing on January 1st each year. Members who pay their subscriptions before the end of February for the coming year, are rewarded with a £10 discount. Full price memberships are applicable after the 28th February.

Concessions are defined as follows:

Senior Citizen: Aged 65 years or over.
Disabled: Must produce proof of disablement. i.e. Disabled rod licence plus I.D in the form of driving licence or passport.
Junior: From 12th Birthday to 16th Birthday.
Free Junior: Under 12 Years of Age - Membership required* 

* Under 12's are free conditional on possession of a valid T.A.S. member's ticket and must at all times be accompanied by an adult paid up member when fishing our waters.(Max of 2 free per adult member)

Loss of Year Book

In the event of a member losing his/her membership card or rule book:
A replacement can be obtained from the Ticket Secretary, or
point of issue (tackle shop ) at a cost of £4.00. Tackle shops must endorse the replacement licence: Duplicate replaces Licence No.

New photo MUST be affixed.

Please note that a rod license must be purchased before you may use a rod and line anywhere in this country.

You can find more information on and purchase rod licenses at the website here

Subscription Price
Membership Type Price
Adult Full £55
Adult Early (Pre-28th Feb) £45
Senior Citizen/Disabled Full £45
Senior Citizen/Disabled (Pre-28th Feb) £35
Junior £12

(Online price includes £2 extra to cover Paypal fees)