General Rules 2024

1. All members must have purchased and have in their possession a
valid Environmental Agency Rod License.
2. Barbless hooks only to a maximum of size 10 on all waters.
3. Maximum breaking strain of mainline is 10lb
4. No night fishing, except on the canal away from houses.
5. No tin cans allowed on any water.
6. Strictly no alcohol or drugs permitted on any waters.
7. All rigs must be free running with no bolt rigs or leadcore.
8. A passport style photo must be attached to your membership card
prior to fishing. No Photo means No Fishing.
9. Maximum 2 rods per angler, single hook rigs only, juniors
permitted only 1 rod.
10. No member to fish within 15 yards of another member, fishing
from fixed pegs only.
11. All members must carry a landing net and a disgorger.
12. All river sections closed 15th March to 15th June inclusive.
13. No braided mainline.
14. Braided hooklinks are allowed but must be a coated braid and no
longer than 18” in length.
15. No anglers to bring their dogs fishing.
16. Strictly no litter to be left on any water, if any member is fishing
within 10 yards of litter it will be assumed the litter is theirs and have
their card removed.
17. No live fish to be brought to any society waters, no live baiting
and no fish to be removed in any circumstance.
18. Members joining via paypal cannot fish until their membership
19. Juniors under 12 years old must fish an adult who is also a
20. In the event of a member losing their card, they must obtain a
replacement card from the original outlet, the new card must be
endorsed “Replacement for card NoXX”
21. The following bait restrictions are in place on all TAS waters:
A. No bloodworm or Joker
B. No cat food / dog food
C. No floating baits to be used as free offerings.
D. No groundbaiting with boilies
22. Only matches organised by the committee may take place,
members must not fish match venues the same day except for
evening matches where the venue must be vacated by 3pm.
23. The use of keepnets is allowed on the following basis:
A. From 8am to 6pm only (except Tuesday nights)
B. No fish to be kept in nets for longer than 5 hours.
C. No fish over 3lb to be put in a keep net.
D. In matches no nets to enter the water until 15 minutes
before all in.
E . All nets to be laid on the bank for a minimum of 15
minutes before them being placed in the water.
F. Matchmen must carry a minimum of 2 nets with their
total catch being split evenly between 2 nets.
24. Canal match lengths may be changed at short notice due to ice,
low water etc..
25. No standing up with fish, no fish to be placed on or held over
the ground without a proper unhooking mat in place.
26. All proposals must be submitted in writing 28 days prior to the
AGM, the proposer must attend the AGM but we will allow a
substitute seconder.
27. Any infringement of the above rules will result in the
membership being revoked and the member being called in front of
the committee to make their case, if the member does not attend to
make their case, this will result in immediate expulsion.