Lower Townhouse

Situated near Littleborough, Lower Townhouse and its neighbour Croft Head are both popular with members and are often the locations for our club championship matches.

Lower Townhouse Factfile
What size are the ponds? Lower Townhouse is 1.5 acres.
What type of fishery? Mixed Fishery
When is it open? All year
Is night fishing allowed? No
How Many Platforms? 24 platforms. Fishing from platforms only.
Any other Rules? Strictly no Litter. No dogs allowed.
Can I get a day ticket? No. Lower Townhouse is for members only.
What species can i find? Perch. Roach. Rudd. Tench. Carp. Grass Carp. Gudgeon. Chub. Bream. Barbel. Ide.
What's the Address? Littleborough. OL15 9JN.
How about parking and access? Car park must be used. Down dirt road off Calderbrook Road Littleborough. Same car park as for Croft Head.

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About Lower Townhouse

This water was acquired in 1993 when Littleborough Angling Society decided to 'call it a day'
The water was completely derelict -and had been for many years.
This Society project managed the complete restoration including de-silting,building islands,building fishing platforms and silt traps.Car park was extended and is for both Croft and Town House.
Restoration of this water was effected in 1999 and the year  after was restocked and opened to members for fishing the following year.
This water is now one of our best fisheries.
Please see 'before and after' photos.
  • Town House before restoration July 1997