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Brief Minutes Of 2021 AGM
37 Attended
1. The chairman thanked everyone for attending and for their hard work this year.
2. The secretary reported good catches all round, and updated attendees on the works carried out over the last two years, the work on folly and the overhaul of Barbers Pools (Cliviger Fishponds).
3. The minutes of the 2019 AGM were read and approved.
4. The financial report showed an income over expenditure of around £5700, despite the vast amount of works carried out thanks to the grant money we received we remain in a healthy financial position.
5. There was a vote of thanks to retiring officers.
6. The elected officers mostly remain the same as 2022 with the exception of Dave Dempsey stepping in the the role of head bailiff and A. Dillon stepping down from the committee to be replaced with John Taylor.
7. The following proposals were carried by majority vote:
a. New rule of 'No braided mainline to be used on any TAS waters'
b. Peg fees for all matches, excluding 3rd party matches to be set at £2.
c. To retire the position of 'Poaching Officer' and replace with 'Head Bailiff' with duties including managing the bailiff team.
d. To appoint Dave Dempsey in to the role of 'Head Bailiff'
e. Membership fees for senior and concession classes to increase by £5.
f. New rule 'No standing up with fish and no fish to held over or placed on the ground without an hooking mat.
8. Closing comments
That’s all for this year folks.
New books should be in shops early December. If you buy a 2022 members book in December you can fish straight away.
Tight lines all

Cliviger fishponds Club Press Release 18/11/2020:

As I'm sure all of you are aware Cliviger Fishponds has taken a bit of a battering over the last few years. You will know that there has been heavy siltation on the site and the silt trap and pegs were in disrepair to say the least.

In December last year we were lucky enough to achieve a grant of £10,000 from the Lancashire Environmental Fund to return Cliviger to its former glory. Unfortunately we weren't able to secure other funding for the site so the committee of TAS voted to use existing club funds to pick up the shortfall and carry out the works.

Today I can announce that the work is now completed at the site and we can inform you that we have removed 280 tonnes of silt from the pond, reinstated the original silt trap, used 120 tonnes of reclaimed stone to strengthen and improve bank access and replaced all of the old pegs with new scaffold frames and recycled plastic stages.

This work would not have been possible without the grant from Lancashire Environmental Fund and its with their help that we have renovated Cliviger Fishponds to its former glory and guaranteed its future for many years to come.

As part of the agreement we will offer free of charge fishing on the ponds every Friday in July 2021 and we will have coaches and experienced anglers on site to offer guidance to anyone that would like it.

Nick Noble

Secretary Todmorden Angling Society.

Cliviger fishponds

The place will reopen Saturday 14th Nov, unfortunately without a ‘grand opening’ due to Covid but we’ve rearranged this for when we stock the fish.

The car park is a very very slow burner but personally I’m very hopeful as things are progressing well, but it’s a matter of brokering the right deal, there’s no point having a car park that costs £2000 per year. Leave it with us.

The silvers that have shown in there since the work has been incredible, no idea where they came from but there’s a cracking stock of roach up to around 1lb.

The plan (the plan not set in stone) is to stock bream, tench and a few carp, including1 x 20lb carp named ‘ Ray’s fish ‘

The stocking will be done late March / very early April depending on the weather and when we stock the fish this is when we plan to ‘reopen’ cliviger fishponds as ‘Barbers Pools’ in memory of the late Ray Barber who served the club for over 40 years.

I hope this clears a few things up as I know you’re all chomping at the bit.

Club Statement Regarding Mr. Raymond Barber

Dear All,

Sadly, on Friday 29th May 2020, ‘Mr Tod’ himself, Ray Barber, passed away at home after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Ray had served Todmorden Angling Society for over 40 years as match secretary, treasurer and secretary of the society.

His no nonsense attitude made him a legend in the angling community and even prompted an article by the Canal & Rivers Trust in 2016, in which they described him as ‘a major character in the North West angling world’ and titled the article ‘The Barber of Todmorden.’

Ray Barber was Todmorden Angling through and through and has been fundamental in the development of the society since the early 60’s.

His legend is told through the restoration stories of Cliviger Fish Ponds in which the society had £8500 in the bank and decided to spend £8000 on the purchase of the Cliviger site. Months later, lottery grants later and hours of fund raising later, Cliviger Fish Ponds offer a beautiful, scenic setting and fantastic pleasure fishing set in East Lancashire.

A similar story can be told of New Mill Dam (folly), Ray was instrumental in the resurrection of the site and acted as the project manager to restore Folly from the derelict site it was. Folly now offers great fishing in a picturesque landscape in Todmorden Town.

Other projects included Grove Lodge and of course the flagship Croft Head and Lower Townhouse sites.

Mr Barber was a stickler for the rules throughout his 40 years at TAS, this came as no surprise as Ray was a railway signals engineer, by trade, and in later life a union recruiting officer for the Transport Salaried Staffs Association.

Ray will be sadly missed by all at TAS and undoubtedly by the North West angling world.

Todmorden Angling Society sends its deepest condolences to his wife Jean, their son, their daughter and the rest of his family.

Rest In Peace Mr. Barber

For any enquiries or issues relating to Todmorden Angling Society they should be directed to Mr. Nick Noble 07534601421 or

Nick Noble


Todmorden Angling Society

Here we go......#WEFISHAGAIN

All our ponds are open from Wednesday 13th May!

We are all expected to follow the government social distancing guidelines going to and from the lakes.

When you fish on TAS waters, you will be expected to follow the usual TAS as will as these specific Covid-19 rules !

In addition to the below, night fishing will not be allowed and canal anglers are expect to pace out 15 meters between them and the next angler.

These rules will be subject to change pending further instruction from the government.

Apart from that - Enjoy !!

Happy fishing folks !



1.Angling to be undertaken on a solitary basis - social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines must be maintained at all times.

2.All anglers must be in possession of the relevant EA Fishing licence and their TAS license.

3.When asked for your TAS license anglers are to stop fishing, place your membership in your landing net and ‘ship it’ to the bailiff for inspection.

4.No sharing of fishing pegs or swims (except parent & child)

5.No sharing of fishing tackle or any other items.

6.No sharing vehicles, except with members of your household.

7.When parking your vehicle leave a minimum 2 meter gap between yours and the next vehicle.

8.All pegs are open except peg 3 on Croft.

9.No keepnets or match fishing.

10.Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, should not go fishing and should continue to follow Government advice on isolation.


Thanks for your cooperation.

The Committee.


I'm sure we are all aware of the situation we find ourselves in regarding COVID-19, so we thought it best to put a statement out regarding Todmorden Angling Society.

Our monthly meetings are canceled until further notice. The committee will still operate behind closed doors using phones and emails etc...

All ponds are closed to angling as of 8:30 23rd March and all angling is strictly prohibited until TAS advise otherwise.

Inline with the government advice, people are allowed one bout of outdoor exercise per day and our bailiffs will use our waters as their exercising grounds to keep and eye on the ponds and scare off any predatory birds etc...

All matches are cancelled until further notice. It will be at the discretion of the match secretary when they restart.

The May Taster Day at Ramsden Wood has been cancelled.

As things change moving forward we'll keep you all up to date but for now we'll wish you all good health.

The Committee


This barbed hook was found on one of our waters today, its unacceptable for anyone to use barbed hooks on our waters and more rig checks will be carried out, anyone found to be braking any rules be it size of hook, barbed or whisker barbed or not using running rigs when ledgering will have the card taken and asked to attend the next committee meeting, in accordance to rule 16.

Rule 16... “16. Any member is eligible to be expelled for breaking club rules, or caught or reported causing public nuisance on our waters. Their licence may be confiscated, and reported to the Committee. The member should appear when asked, to state their case. If no appearance at requested meeting, expulsion will be automatic, sine die. If any member expelled continues to fish our waters it could mean prosecution for poaching, trespass, theft and civil disobedience, for any of the above. Members have the right of appeal against expulsion.”

croft hook-2

2019 AGM news

Brief Minutes Of 2019 AGM

49 Attended

1. The chairman thanked everyone for attending and for their hard work this year.
2. The secretary reported good catches all round, and updated attendees on the steps taken with the new testing and feeding system we have in place. The stock long will be netted in the winter and a good yield of fish should be ready to be introduced to the still waters.
3. The minutes of the 2018 AGM were read and approved.
4. The financial report showed an income over expenditure of around £5500. This will be owing to the restoration of the stock pond.
5. There was a vote of thanks to retiring officers.
6. The elected officers stay the same as 2019 with the exception of Dave Dempsey stepping down as Poaching Officer - this post is now vacant and Stephen Svejnoha has stepped down as Junior Organiser be be replaced by Kevan Hollick. Paul Wilkinson and Pete Eastwood were brought in as match secretaries for Sunday’s and Tuesdays respectively.

The following rules have been added/changed owing to the outcome of proposals at the AGM.

1. The keepnet ban was lifted.
2. All nets must be laid on the bank 15 minutes before entering the water.
3. In matches no nets to enter the water until 15 minutes before all in.
4. Matchmen must carry and use a minimum of two keepnets and the total weight must be evenly split between the two nets.
5. Keepnets only allowed from 8:00am to 6:00pm (except Tuesday night matches) and for a maximum of 5 hours.
6. No floating baits as free offerings.
7. Members joining online must wait to receive their membership before they can fish (PayPal receipt no longer valid for fishing)
8. From the 2020 AGM for for a proposal to be voted on the proposer must attend the AGM, we will allow a substitute seconder, and for votes to be counted your membership card must be produced and votes will only be counted on the count of the cards.
9. There will be zero tolerance for photo ID not being in cards. If you do not have a photo in your card you will be asked to leave.
10. The pegging fee for club matches has been reduced from £3 to £1.
11. With the exception of the teams of three all matches on still waters are for members only. And only matches approved at the ‘match meeting’ (meeting prior to AGM) can take place on still waters. Match dates will be added to the members book and if the match isn’t in the members book it cannot go ahead.

That’s all for this year folks.

New books should be in shops early December. If you buy a 2020 members book in December you can fish straight away.

Tight lines all

Angling Trust & CRT  Canal Pairs Match

Todmorden Angling are again hosting a qualifier on Sunday 21st July 2019

Click here for all the info and booking details

Cormorant watch

Angling Trust Launches Cormorant Watch Web Site and Calls on Minister to Act to Protect Fish

The Angling Trust has called on the government to do more to protect rivers and lakes from fish-eating birds.

In a letter to Environment Minister George Eustice, the Angling Trust is demanding a doubling of the number of cormorants licensed to be shot in England annually to 6,000. It also calls for the relaxing of the requirement for evidence that goosanders are damaging fisheries before a licence will be issued.

The Angling Trust says the new measures are needed to halt the decline in coarse and game fish in England, particularly endangered salmon and eels which are now at critically low levels nationally.  Other species such as roach, dace, trout and barbel have also seen numbers fall in many rivers and lakes.

The letter coincides with the launch of Cormorant Watch 2 – a website where members of the public can record sightings of cormorants, goosanders, red-breasted mergansers and their roost locations.  Over 120,000 sightings of birds were recorded when the first edition of Cormorant Watch was launched in 2012, which helped the Angling Trust make the case for the introduction of Area-Based Licences (ABLs) for lethal control of birds, which have reduced bureaucracy and costs for hard-pressed fishery managers and angling clubs. We urge all our members to report any sighting on any of our waters to this website.

Pressure from angling organisations and angling-related businesses initially saw a previous government introduce a limit on cormorants licensed to be shot of 2,000, with a temporary increase to 3,000. Since then, the work of the Angling Trust has led to fishery managers applying for a far greater number of cormorant licences.

Despite this progress, angling’s representative body believes that a new annual limit of 6,000 for cormorants and a simpler process for licensing the control of goosanders to enable far more than the 283 shot last year are both required. The low number of goosander licences issued is despite the fact that fisheries have put in a huge amount of volunteer time and effort to provide evidence by organised bird counts to prove to Natural England that larger numbers are needed to protect fisheries. Natural England have rejected several strong cases for goosander licences on the basis of insufficient evidence of need for lethal control.

The Minister promised in a letter to the Angling Trust in 2013 that he would review the upper limit of cormorants licenced to be shot if there was evidence of demand. After two winters of licences exceeding 3,000 birds, the Angling Trust believes that this condition has now been met.

The Angling Trust continues to believe that the best outcome would be for cormorants to be included on the general licence as long as the conservation status of the birds is not threatened.

Fill in any sighting on this web page cormorant watch 2

An update of the improvment work on Summit

Thursday 22nd Adam, Tony, Frank and Stephen spent a very hot evening digging the Iris plants from the fields adjacent to the canal and bagging them up in special bags ready for them to be planted into the canal the day after, approx. 50 bags where made up and to put that in to concept there are between 3/5 plants in each bag and would cost well over £1000 to purchase.

Friday 23rd the lads and the CRT planted 50 bags of flag iris and 16 sapling willow trees to the far bank of the length.

It has added immediate impact on the length and looks great, hopefully they will all take and grow and spread well over the coming years.

Adam Jagger Canal Committee secretary said “off myself and Tony a massive thank you to Stephen Svejnoha and Frank Zac for coming and helping dig the iris on Thursday evening and again to Stephen for driving back over again today(Fri 23rd) and helping with the planting and more good news in that the CRT and Jodie Weathers team have given their support for future canal improvement works which is fantastic news so I'd like to say to Jodie thanks so much for everything you have done for us and your support for what we are trying to achieve.

Check out the gallery for more pictures.

Canal Improvment Program

Todmorden Angling Society are committed to improving all our waters and this includes the Rochdale Canal.

On Thursday 25/5/17 The Canal and Rivers Trust sent a team to work along side a work party orginised by the Canal Committee to work on the Summit Length to try and improve the fish habitat, the day went well in some very hot conditions, but there is still more to do and the CRT have agreed to give us use of their equipment and a couple of bodies to plant some iris that is growing close by if we can get permission off the land owner to take it.
Adam Jagger our Canal Committee secretary said "They (CRT) have spent £2000 on today for us and them giving us their support going forward is brilliant for the club".

Check out the gallery for some pictures.

Canal and Rivers Trust statemant

"The angling club run regular matches on this pound, but they noticed that their catches predominantly adult fish, but with very few juvenile fish being caught. Working together, we came up with a plan to improve the habitat for the fish, provide spawning habitat and cover for them. Volunteers from the club and Canal & River Trust staff had a successful day hammering in stakes and installing the pre-planted coir rolls. The club also have plans to continue with the environmental enhancements work, which not only help the fish, but have wider benefits to the canal corridor."

The Barber of Todmorden!!

Love him or Loath him, Ray Barber has been a member of the club for approaching 60 years and for the past 36 years our Secretary and the work he has done for the club and continues to do goes unnoticed by most but he works tirelessly for the benefit of society whether its finding grants to improve and develop our waters or sourcing the best deals for fish to stock waters or chasing the council or building developers and working with fish legal and the angling trust one thing is for sure it’s all for the good of the society and its future. It’s safe to say he has had a few run ins with people over the years while doing this and he’s certainly well know not only locally but nationally too and one such person that had heard about Ray was John Ellis National fisheries and angling manager, and he even wrote a great article about him…that can be found here!!

A Look Back In History

One of our members came accross this picture on an online facebook page, a team photo from the mid 1970's of our national angling championship team!!

Tod 1970's national champ team

If anyone has any info or pictures from the past feel free to share on our Facebook page or email us at

KHV(Koi herpesvirus)

What is KHV?

KHV is a viral disease of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and all its varieties - such as mirror, leather, ghost, koi etc. The disease occurs at higher water temperatures (16˚C+), is highly contagious and may cause up to 100% mortality. Infected fish shed the virus in faeces, urine, and mucus from the gills and skin. The disease is transmitted by fish to fish contact, and also via angling equipment and contaminated water.

What can we do??

As anglers, we all have a responsibility to stop the spread of diseases between venues, and you can prevent the spread of things such as KHV simply by allowing your nets and stink bags to dry out properly in sunlight. Peg them out, give then a quick squirt of disinfectant, then rinse in fresh water and leave to dry.

By coincidence, today(20/7/06) there has been a closure of a lake in Bradford....

Without naming the fishery, it has been closed due to a high mortality rate, the EA are waiting to see if this is a KHV case, which it seems to be. If it isn't then it could be a severe bacterial outbreak.

In any case we can't stress strongly enough the need to treat your nets properly between fishing sessions.


  • KHV affects all varieties of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) including varieties such as mirror, leather, koi and ghost koi
  • KHV outbreaks occur at temperatures over 16°C and cause large scale mortalities up to 100%
  • Clinical signs include lethargic or erratic behaviour, loss of mucus and sunken eyes. Gills often have dead patches which look pale or rotten.
  • As there is no treatment, it can cause serious economic losses in coarse fisheries
  • Don’t hesitate: it is a notifiable disease in the UK and you have a legal obligation to report any suspicion of a KHV outbreak either contact someone from the club or environment agency.

Cormorant Lines.

The lines and wires accross our waters are there to try and provent preditory birds from landing to protect our fish stock, anyone found tampering or removing them will have there licence taken and asked to appear at the next committee meeting.


We are trying to establish the actual damage Cormorants and Goosanders are causing to our fisheries.
Can members please post on the forum or here -types of birds present, which water and numbers of birds with time/date?
Can members also please take photos to prove what they are saying-i.e. take photos as well.
If possible video Cormorants flying over our waters.
Please send Dave Dempsey photos/videos by e-mail or text 07880-823630 e-mail
Will matchmen and pleasure anglers take photos of damaged fish caught -and e-mail to Dave.

Grove Lodge -Fire on Calderbrook Road May 2012

For the information of members. Fish Legal have reached a settlement of our claim against Multiroof Building Products Ltd. with the insurers of the Mill on Calderbrook Road which set fire in May 2012 and was quite dramatic-complete with explosions! There were large tanks of solvent on the site which exploded-some of the solvent finding it’s way into the watercourse which feeds Grove Lodge-and a category 2 pollution occurred killing quite a lot of the fish stocks.
We restocked in winter 2012-3 and again in winter 2013-4 and the fishery seems to have recovered quite well.
Further details can be obtained by attending our A.G.M. in November.


Up coming Events

Winter Pairs: Contact Keith 07903016661

Sponsored by Rochdale Angling

Open matches, £2 peg fee, run as a league over 6 matches.

Fished on Croft and Townhouse

£35 per man for round 1, £20 per man each round after

Meet at Falcon Inn Littleborough for Breakfast then draw at 9am.

Fish 10:30 - 3:30

Usual keepnet rules apply.


Silver Matches: Contact Keith 07903016661

Open Matches £2 peg fee, £20 Subs

Carp / F1 fish do not count.

Fish 10am to 3pm

Usual Keepnet Rules Apply


Club Championship 2022 (Sundays)
• Fished on various waters please check membership card
• Draw 9am fish 10:00 to 3:00pm fished on Sundays
• £20 per angler
• £2 Pegging fee
• Contact John Mellor to book on – 07543883714
• 2 nets per angler, evenly split weight
• 15 Minute net rule applies


Committee Meetings 2022

Committee Meetings 2022..

Wednesday January 5th.
Wednesday February 2nd.
Wednesday March 2nd.
Wednesday April 6th.
Wednesday May 4th.
Wednesday June 1st.
Wednesday July 6th.
Wednesday August 3rd.
Wednesday September 7th.
Wednesday October 5th.
Wednesday October 26th.(November Meeting, Plus matches decided for 2023)
Wednesday November 2nd. (A.G.M.)
Wednesday December 7th.