Information that may be of note, including emergency contact numbers.

Emergency Contacts

If you notice that a section is drained, short of water or that the fish are in distress, please inform the following emergency contacts immediately:

Canal and River Trust: 03030 404040 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) or 0800 47 999 47 (outside office hours)

Environment Agency 0800 807 060 (in case of pollution/dead fish)


The society stocks it`s fisheries with fish each winter - but fish are always needed.
We can carry out netting of waters to remove unwanted fish and also arrange fish removals
from waters where coarse fish are no longer needed, or too many fish exist.
If you have any fish 'going spare' and would like to help us out please telephone
Ray Barber (secretary) on 0797-0897849

Junior Coaching

Junior coaching sessions will be organised throught the summer months in conjuction with local schools and groups to try and introduce more children to angling, these sessions can also be attended by junior members who wish to impove their skills and try new methods. More information will be available soon.