Competition Rules

1. The Competition strictly confined to members.
2. All entries plus entrance money must be handed to Match Steward at least 45 minutes before the match
is due to commence. Each member must draw his own peg.
3. Matches to be a maximum of 5 hours duration otherwise intermediate weigh-in must take place. Only
one peg to be drawn by each angler present.two keepnets must be used with fish put into alternate nets.
4. The water must not be broken for any purpose until the starting signal has been given by the Match
Steward, except for positioning keep-net, wetting ground bait and plumbing depth.
5. No member must move more than 1 yard from his peg (except for call of nature). No bank walking on
T.A.S. ponds during matches.
6. All fish to be weighed in except Trout Pike, Sticklebacks and Minnows. Strictly no dead -baiting,
spinning, plug-fishing or re-hooking in matches (except Pike Matches). Weighing of fish will normally
be undertaken by the two end pegs or as decided by the Match Organiser. Refusal to weigh-in will
constitute an infringement of Club Rules and instant disqualification from the match.
7. Strictly no bloodworm or Jokers allowed as bait or in possession of any angler on our wate rs except canal
lock 37-51 Oct 1st to Mar 31st ). Bloodworm and Joker allowed on club trips when allowed by host club.
No floating baits allowed in matches.
8. Each competitor must land his own fish and use one rod and one hook only.
9. No interchange of bait or tackle between competitors during the match.
10. PARKING -Members must observe public right of way.
11. When the signal is given for the match to end, every competitor must cease fishing at once. Any fish
hooked before time may be landed and weighed. Only live fish in keep-nets to count. Each competitor
must stand by his own peg until the Match Steward has weighed or entered his catch. The heaviest bag
shall be declared the winner.
12. Surplus ground bait must not be thrown in the water at the end of the match.
13. All protests to be made to the Match Steward immediately at the end of the match, his decision being
final subject to confirmation at the next Committee Meeting. Payment deferred.
14. All Trophies shall be presented at the Annual Trophy Presentation. Trophy winners will be present to
receive Trophies. A deputy may be named in advance to the Chairman, if not, Trophy forfeited.
15. The member collecting most points from the Trophy matches which count shall be Club Champion
(*to be decided at match meetings).
16. An optional Pool run on all matches. That match payments are made to: First, Second and Third plus
First and Second in each Section. Sections decided by lengths fished plus number of pegs, i.e.: 40
maximum in each section. If only one length fished or total number in match less than 40 revert back
to only 1, 2 and 3 overall winners in match.
17. All competitors ceasing to fish before the end of the match must vacate the match area immediately.
18. Any competitor with litter at his peg at the end of the match is disqualified.
19. A Pegging fee of £1 applies to all club matches.£3 for open matches. £5 for 3rd party match bookings (on any of our waters)
20. 7 days notice of cancellation of places booked on coach trips or payment must be made in full and ticket
may be
resold. Tickets for Ticket Only Matches will not be sold on day of match.
21. All cases not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee and subject to the
approval of the next Committee Meeting.
22. T.A.S. team to be picked by Team Manager.
23. The Match Secretary keeps a Record Book of specimen fish caught in matches. If you catch a large
fish in a match, get it weighed.
24. Minimum amount of help to be given to Juniors Fishing Matches. Junior organizer’s decision is final.