General Rules 2021

1. No live fish to be brought to the Club Waters for any purpose. Penalty for doing this will be expulsion, except when sanctioned by the Committee. Bloodworms and Jokers barred except as per match rule Hemp seed allowed, but in moderation. Groundbaiting and bread feed allowed on all waters.
2. That no member shall fish within 15 yards of another member, except in competitions.
3. That all members be in possession of a landing net and disgorger when fishing waters.
4. All members must be clear of sections of the bank when matches are in progress. Match lengths must not be pleasure fished prior to the match on the same day as matches except – evening matches when pleasure anglers may fish until 3pm prior to the match. Any member who is caught fishing waters prior to matches will be brought before the Committee.
5. The use of keepnets is allowed on all TAS waters under these restrictions:
a. From 8am to 6p.m. only (except Tuesday night matches).
b. Fish to be kept in keepnets for a MAXIMUM OF 5 HOURS.
c. Fish over 3lb not to be put in keepnets (except in matches).
d. In matches no nets to enter the water until 15 minutes before all in.
e. All anglers must lay their nets on the bank for a minimum of 15 minutes before putting them in the water.
f. Matchmen must carry and use a minimum of two nets with the total match weight being split between the two nets.
6. All coarse fish to be returned alive to the water from point of fishing. Strictly no fish to be moved for any reason. Strictly no live baiting.
7. Any infringement of the rules will be dealt with by the committee and may lead to loss of membership.
8. Only matches organized by the Committee be allowed to take place on our waters and no open matches are allowed on still waters with the exception of the Teams of Three.
9. Two rod maximum (except juniors – 1 rod only) No unattended rods, no double hooking, Legers and swim feeding must be free running, NO BOLT RIGS
10. River closed March 15th to June 15th (inclusive). All still waters, including canal open all year with keepnets allowed.
11. Any member is eligible to be expelled for breaking club rules or caught or reported causing public nuisance on our waters. Their licence may be confiscated and reported to the Committee. The member should appear when asked, to state their case. If no appearance at requested meeting, expulsion will be automatic, sine die. If any member expelled continues to fish our waters it could mean prosecution for poaching, trespass, theft and civil disobedience, for any of the above. Members have the right of appeal against expulsion.
12. Strictly no litter to be left at any of our waters (this includes nylon line, lead shot and hooks). Any angler with litter at or within 10 yards of his/her peg will have their licence confiscated and will be ordered to appear before the Committee at the next meeting. This rule makes members responsible for picking up litter before fishing. It will not be an excuse to say that it is not your litter.
13. In the event of a member losing His/Her members ticket, replacements can be obtained from ticket secretary or the tackle shop where the original ticket was bought – the tackle shop must endorse the replacement licence with the original licence number eg “Replacement for NoXX”
14. Night fishing only allowed on the canal away from houses.
15. Only barbless hooks to be used on all T.A.S. waters.
16. Match lengths may be changed without notice to members. This will only be done owing to low water levels or icing on sections scheduled to be fished.
17. All members must have purchased and have in their possession, when fishing our waters, a valid Environmental Agency Rod Licence.
18. No groundbaiting with boilies.
19. No tin cans on any of our waters – Strictly no alcohol
20. There is a cat food ban.
21. No hooks larger than size 10 allowed on ponds.
22. Members may not take their dogs on any T.A.S. waters whilst they are fishing. No dogs allowed on some waters.
23. Juniors under 12 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult member when fishing our waters.
24. Ledgers and swimfeeders to be free running, no bolt rigs or lead core.
25.All fish must be handled with care and treated with the utmost respect. No fish to be placed on the ground without an appropriate unhooking mat’ Anybody found allowing fish to ‘flap on the stones’ or the ground will have their member’s ticket suspended.
26. It is compulsory that a photo ID is attached to this members card prior to fishing.
27. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for members not having photograph in their membership book, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PHOTO IN YOUR CARD YOU CANNOT FISH.
28. No floating baits to be used as free offerings.
29. Members joining online must wait to receive their membership book before starting fishing.