Heeley Dam

Heeley Dam is a large dam near Lumbutts, in a great setting nestled among the hills and mature trees.

Heeley Dam Factfile
What size are the ponds? Heeley Dam is 1.5 Acres
What type of fishery? Mixed Fishery
When is it open? All year
Is night fishing allowed? No
How Many Platforms? Non Fishing from the bank only do not remove any vegetation.
Any other Rules? No litter. Absolutely forbidden for any bankside vegetation to be altered or removed.
Can I get a day ticket? No. This pond is for members only.
What species can i find? Roach. Perch. Tench. Chub. Gudgeon. Rudd. Bream. Ide.
What's the Address? OL14 6JA. Park on Mankinholes bank.
How about parking and access? Please park consideratley.

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About Heeley Dam

Heeley Dam is a new water for us 2024, and it falls under the Lumbutts conservation area, it’s imperative that all members are on their best behaviour. Park considerately, leave zero litter and under no circumstances should any trees or vegetation be altered.